My name is Sergio Fernández (aka wikier/willy). I'm a Spanish software engineer, based in Salzburg (Austria), advocate of open technologies and ways of thinking.

I like to say that I am I and my circumstances. So welcome to my personal web page!

As mentioned, I'm a Software engineer, specialized in applied research, with a focus on Data Architectures. My interests include Distributed Architectures, Data Integration, Social Semantic Web and Linked Data. I've worked as software engineer and project manager in different industries, but always very closed to science. Because I strongly believe that innovation can be achieved by equally using research and engineering. Therefore all my scientific contributions have always followed the principle of being actionable by openly providing the software. For really taking that to the next step, now I'm trying to bring some of those results to the market as co-founder of Redlink, an Austrian startup in Semantic Technologies space.

In the past I've worked at some of the finest applied research institutes in Europe: more than six years as research assistant at CTIC (Spain), visiting DERI (Ireland) in 2008, and as a Senior Researcher at Salzburg Research in Austria since 2012. Contributing in this time as expert in numerous large-scale European research projects and standardization bodies such as the W3C.

Since my time in college, I have always been passionate about open software technologies, free software or open source, the way you prefer to call it. Long gone are the days of AsturLiNUX when we wanted to change the world from a modest LUG. But the spirit remains. So it is no surprise that most of my development work is available in several open source projects, and especially at the Apache Software Foundation, of which I'm Member.

My other passion remains teaching. So whenever I have the chance I love to organize talks, workshops or meetups to share ideas and simply talk tech. I have also been sporadically lecturing at universities and other education centers; currently I'm external lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences of Salzburg.

Disclaimer: this is my personal website, so all the opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily represent those of current or past employers.

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Ocasionally I write in a blog those writing I find interesting to share. But I don't keep it as updated as I used to do, so you can refer to my twitter to get freshest information.

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Although Google Scholar does a great work gathering my publications, here I manually maintain a list with all of them:


  • Laurentiu Vasiliu, André Freitas, Frederico Caroli, Siegfried Handschuh, Ross McDermott, Manel Zarrouk, Manuela Hürlimann, Brian Davis, Tobias Daudert, Malek Ben Khaled, David Byrne, Sergio Fernández and Angelo Cavallini. In or Out? Real-Time Monitoring of BREXIT sentiment on Twitter. SEMANTiCS 2016, Leipzig (Germany), Sep 12-15, 2016. To appear.
  • Manuela Hürlimann, Keith Cortis, André Freitas, Sergio Fernández, Siegfried Handschuh and Brian Davis. A Twitter Sentiment Gold Standard for the Brexit Referendum. SEMANTiCS 2016, Leipzig (Germany), Sep 12-15, 2016. To appear.





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  • Lian Shi, Diego Berrueta, Sergio Fernández, Luis Polo, Iván Minguez, Emilio Rubiera and Silvino Fernández. GEEK: Analyzing Online Communities for Expertise Information. Chapter in Handbook of Research on Methods and Techniques for Studying Virtual Communities/on line communities: Paradigms and Phenomena, Ben Kei Daniel (ed.). Scheduled for publication in 2010 by IGI Global.


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Due my research activities, I participated in large-scale European research projects as well as in W3C standarization groups. But this list doesn't refer to those projects, but software projects I developed, of course pretty related with my research. You can check at ohloh some of my contributions to other open source projects.

current projects

Commons RDF
Apache Commons RDF aims to provide a type-safe, non-general API that covers RDF 1.1, providing a library that could be implemented by the upcoming versions of the main Java toolkits (Jena and Sesame) as well of other JVM languages.
Apache Marmotta
An Open Platform for Linked Data. At the end of 2012 we proposed to the ASF the incubation of this project based on part of LMF.
RDFLib is a Python library for working with RDF. I contribute to it mainly with the development of the SPARQL Wrapper.
A Java dependency management tool for Jython.

past projects

OpenRefine (formerly Google Refine) is a powerful tool for working with messy tabular data, cleaning it, transforming it from one format into another, extending it with web services, and interlink with other datasets.
Apache Stanbol
Apache Stanbol provides a set of reusable components for semantic content management.
The Linked Media Framework is a server application that bundles central Semantic Web technologies to offer some advanced services. I started to contribute this project in May 2012 when I joined the team at Salzburg Research.
Set of SPARQL utilities for Java/Jena.
SPARQL Proxy for Access Control.
Parrot is A RIF and RDF Ontologies documentation Tool.
Linked Open Colors
Linked Open Colors is a dataset created for the April Fools' Day of 2011 as an informal initiative for promoting Linked Data.
Keeping the semantics of rdf data safe and sound into object-oriented software. My master degree thesis.
RDFa Developer
Firefox extension that enables you to examine the RDFa markup, query the data using SPARQL and to detect common pitfalls in the use of RDFa 1.0.
Linked Data frontend for SPARQL endpoints for Django.
Mash-up web platform for a new generation of SOA.
A tool to generate technical specifications of RDF vocabularies/ontologies.
Open-standards-based platform that simplifies the development of mobile web applications and portals, providing an advanced content and application adaptation environment.
RDF wrapper for Ohloh.
Easy RDFs Vocabulary Publishing based on Drupal.
A Linked Data validator.
Python library to ease the publication of REST-style web services in Django applications.
RDF detector for Mozilla Firefox.
Some useful tools around FOAF.
Research project around the semantic web technologies to publish mailing lists' archives into RDF. My bachelor degree thesis.

In the development of these projects I collaborate with many people: Diego Berrueta, Iván Mínguez, Carlos Tejo, Miguel García, Jose María Álvarez, Iván Frade, Jose E. Labra, Ivan Herman, John Breslin, Uldis Bojars, Stéphane Corlosquet, Richard Cyganiak, Sebastian Schaffert, Rupert Westenthaler, Jakob Frank, Thomas Kurz, Rafa Haro, among others...



  • Semantic Web Technologies. Bachelor Degree, MultiMediaTechnology, University of Applied Sciences. Salzburg, February 2016 - June 2016.
  • Anwendungen in Wirtschaft und Technik, SS 2015. Universität Salzburg. Salzburg, May 5, 2015.
  • Semantic Web Technologies. Bachelor Degree, MultiMediaTechnology, University of Applied Sciences. Salzburg, February 2015 - June 2015.
  • Operating Systems. Degree in Video Game Design and Development. ESNE, attached to Camilo José Cela University. Oviedo, October 2011 - February 2012.
  • Herramientas de nueva generación para la Gestión del Conocimiento. Asignatura de Gestión del conocimiento y el capital intelectual, IV Master Internacional en Gestión de la Innovación y el Desarrollo Empresarial, Título Propio, Universidad de Oviedo. Gijón, 3 de diciembre de 2011.
  • Barra libre en proyectos de software... pero sólo hasta media noche. Ponencia invitada para la asignatura de "Dirección y gestión de proyectos Web", Máster en Ingeniería Web, Universidad de Oviedo. Oviedo, 26 de octubre de 2011.
  • Herramientas de nueva generación para la Gestión del Conocimiento. Asignatura de Gestión del conocimiento y el capital intelectual, III Master Internacional en Gestión de la Innovación y el Desarrollo Empresarial, Título Propio, Universidad de Oviedo. Gijón, 21 de enero de 2011.
  • Herramientas de nueva generación para la Gestión del Conocimiento. Asignatura de Gestión del conocimiento y el capital intelectual, II Master Internacional en Gestión de la Innovación y el Desarrollo Empresarial, Título Propio, Universidad de Oviedo. Gijón, 12 de febrero de 2010.
  • El Software Libre, fundamentos e impacto en la sociedad. Curso de Extensión Universitaria, Universidad de Oviedo. Oviedo, del 14 al 24 de abril de 2009. Co-Director. Slides.



  • W3C Community Group (May 2015 - present)
  • W3C Linked Data Platform (LDP) Working Group (Dec 2012 - July 2015)
  • W3C WebID Community Group (Jan 2012 - May 2015)
  • W3C WebID Incubator Group (Oct 2011 - Jan 2012)
  • LATC Advisory Committee (Sep 2010 - Apr 2012)
  • Morfeo Board (Jan 2008 - Apr 2012)
  • INES Open Source Software Working Group (Jun 2007 - Apr 2012)
  • W3C SWEO Linking Open Data Community Project (Jan 2007 - Mar 2008)



  • Best project in Web category. 1er Concurso Universitario de Software Libre. Sevilla (Spain), May, 2007. Award received for SWAML, my bachelor degree thesis.
  • Scholarship for Introduction to Research, cajAstur, January 2006.