Time for a redesign

12/02/2013, 22h53

After fourteen years of existance, and more than four since the last major update, I think it’s time for a whole redesign of my personal web page to align it according to the current trends.

The Web has significantly evolved, but my design skills not. But I don’t want to use an impersonal theme already used by many people. I want to have something which represents myself better. In addition, I’d like to provide better support for different devices without a complex server-side infrastructure, I wanted something much more simpler. So last few days I’ve been reading a bit about RWD. After playing with some frameworks and tools such as foundation or bootstrap, finally I’ve decided to use tuktuk (by @soyjavi, tapquo) given its simple and effective usage of different technologies: HTML5, CCS3, ooCCS. With a really small effort, although there are many details to polish, I’m very happy with the result; hope you like it too!