RedLink GmbH

31/07/2013, 22h18

Finally this week RedLink GmbH is going live online. Beyond the simple fact of releasing the web site, behind there is much more. After we incorporated the company in March, last months of hard work with our first customers and partners have led us to understand what RedLink actually is, and how we see semantic technologies going to the next step.

RedLink GmbH

In Redlink our team is committed to the development of Apache Stanbol and Apache Marmotta and to the continuous growth of these projects as well as to their integration with Apache Solr. These are the fundamental technologies behind our proposal to help enterprises for making sense out of their data.

I encourage you give a try our demo with an open mind. Beyond the bounds that a standard setup could offer, the real potential of RedLink comes with the high customization possibilities. So don’t hesitate to sign-up to access a more advanced experience.