RDFohloh 0.2

25/05/2008, 20h28

Three weeks ago I released RDFohloh, a RDF wrapper of Ohloh. That first version had many errors (thanks Richard for your complete report) that obviously I needed to solve. But, as usual, the problem is the time…

Well, today I had some minutes to do it, not only to fix the errors reported, but also others that I found checking the application. This is the changelog:

  • Fixed RDF export (issues with namespaces, external URIs, etc.).
  • More checks of empty values from Ohloh’s API.
  • Added documentation about URIs schema.
  • Improved definition of OWL properties.
  • Many other optimizations and fixes.

The new version is already deployed, and its source code is also available to download (development of the project has been moved to Google Code).

BTW in these weeks Rob Cakebread added support for RDFohloh in his DOAPfriend, cool stuff :-)

The next step in RDFohloh will be to add search support of projects and users, but that will be another day…