4/05/2008, 10h49

Ohloh is an open source directory where anyone can add projects. Analyzing directly the SCM of a project (so it’s independent if your project is hosted in SourceForge or in a repository of your home server), it provides some interesting metrics. it was launched in 2004, but if I’m sincerely I didn’t know it until some days ago that Nacho told me about it.

So this morning in a couple of hours I developed RDFohloh, a RDF wrapper of Ohloh. Using its RESTful API the service provides RDF data of projects indexed in Ohloh, serialized both in XHTML+RDFa, RDF/XML and N3. I know that the idea is not so different than other services such as DOAPSpace, but it’s another way to create thousands of new instances of doap:Project and sioc.User.

The service will be online under the restrictions of Ohloh’s API (only 1.000 requests per day) and source code is available, so feedback is welcomed.

Update May 25th: version 0.2 is out.

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