7/02/2011, 22h43

Last weekend I’ve been working on an old idea. Actually quite old, as Kingsley and me discussed it three years ago… but at that time I couldn’t deal with the work involved scrapping the markup. But the other day Nathan refreshed the idea when he tweeted a brief notes about the reverse-engineered MarkMail’s internal APIs. Therefore I decided to rescue that old idea, and that’s precisely what LinkedMarkMail is. Better late than never.

Currently the service is still alpha, but it’s already publishing Linked Data from the mailing lists’ archives indexed by MarkMail. But there are many things to improve in the following days: implement a cache system in order to reduce the number of requests to the API, improve the quality of the data, try to link the new dataset with others, etc… Please, if you have any comment/suggestion, as usual all feedback is welcomed!

And like all the software developed in the context of SWAML, this new small software artifact is open source too.