Linked Media Framework 2.2.0

6/07/2012, 16h25

Since I joined Salzburg Research, we have been working very hard to improve the Linked Media Framework (aka LMF). And today we have achieved an important milestone releasing the version 2.2.0.

The Linked Media Framework is an open source Linked Data server which offers some advanced functionalities, such as transparent Linked Data caching, querying, reasoning and versioning. Within this new release it has now been extended to a complete Linked Data Publishing suite that you can use for a number of frequent tasks: Linked Data publishing from legacy formats, Semantic Search over your own data and SKOS Thesaurus managing. Check the full changelog for further details.

For this purpose, the LMF installer offers a combined and pre-configured set of tools, including, apart of LMF of course, Google Refine and Apache Stanbol. This integrated tool suite simplifies the interaction between these components, making much easier publishing Linked Data with our framework.

As usual, all feedback would be welcomed, both from industry and community. Thanks to the whole team for their superb work!