Back in Asturias

15/04/2008, 21h55

After two intense months in Galway, yesterday I arrived to Asturias in the last flight of the night.

Today I’ve returned to CTIC. It’s nice to see again all my workmates after this period outside of Spain. As probably you know, the approach of DERI, where all people is directly working in semantic web stuff, is different than other institutes. They have some of the best semantic web researchers in the world. So the experience to work in DERI with them had been something really unforgettable. And I hope to be able to apply here all thing that I learned during these two months in my visit to DERI.

But not everything was work. There I made very good friends, specially my housemates (Tuukka and Darragh), but also many other people (John, Uldis, Richard, Thomas, Stéphane, Cosmin, Holger, Gabi, etc…). I hope I will see them again in another place, or who knows if any day I could return to Galway…

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